My Story

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A Message from Ryan

I started my career in “traditional” accounting working on 1120, 1040, 940/941 tax returns for small businesses and individuals and found myself in the monotony and the mundane of the CPA firm.  By the grace of our Lord, I was led in a direction to a niche area of the tax world, which includes working with folks like yourself, that may not have filed tax returns in several years or owe a few thousand upwards of couple hundred thousand dollars to the IRS.  I found myself not just intrigued and fascinated in this area, but found a new passion in my career in helping people put these IRS issues behind them and allow them to live their life the way God intended us to.

It didn’t take long before I was the Director of Operations and had 100 individuals working under me, but the new found sparkle I had in my eye was quickly fading. The firm I was working at I nicknamed the “Titanic” because they felt they were too big to fail and I could see them slowly taking on water and sinking.  I could not be a part of a business that would treat their clients like numbers and bar codes, so after a long discussion with my pastor, I started South Coast Tax.

Our business concept was born with a desire to open a firm with different values, that was fundamentally supported by a Christian belief system. Thirteen years later, we are still working under the same principals and beliefs to help our fellow Christian brothers and sisters resolve their tax issues, with the utmost integrity and expertise, just the way we would for our own Mothers and Fathers. I am very competitive by nature and feel vested with each and every one of my clients to ensure that they receive the best possible outcome and our proven track record has proved this to be the case!! My product is my service and with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, we are recognized as the best in the business and stay true to our footprint!