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We at South Coast Tax Resolution pride ourselves as being a team of licensed professionals assisting taxpayers who have overwhelming IRS/state debts and we understand that these situations are temporary and not a reflection of who you are!

Tax Debt Resolution Tax levies Tax Liens Tax Filing Tax Returns Tax Debt Tax assistance Tax Resolution Tax Help Tax Services Income Tax Services Income Taxes Payroll Tax Services Tax Payment Plans Tax Innocent Spouse Bank Levies Offer in Compromise Tax Penalty Abatement Payroll Taxes Offshore Banking Currently Non-Collectable Audit Representation

Things our clients are saying…

South Coast Tax helped me resolve my IRS issue and got my levy released in less than one week. I came to them in tears with a huge tax mess.  I had missing returns (4 years) and owed about $38k. In a few days the tax returns were done and they had set up an agreement with the IRS. They then had the levy release sent directly to my work immediately. Thank you Dream Team for helping me through this difficult time in my life.

Shannon H., Centennial, CO

Chris very effectively consulted on a rather complex IRS Appeals issue and had great recommendations for me. Chris had an excellent knowledge of the IRS Appeals process and how to navigate it effectively. I would consider it a privilege to work with Chris again.

Andrew C., Washington DC

I have very much enjoyed working with Ryan of South Coast Tax.  He came very highly recommended to me and he has earned that recommendation.  Ryan is a very talented, straight forward professional and carries with him a sense of caring and kindness as it relates to his work.  He did thorough research for my case and took as much time as I needed to understand my tax situation.  Also, his fees are exceptionally reasonable.  I would recommend him to anyone seeking tax liability assistance.

Jennifer G., Miami Beach, FL.

Thanks for doing such a fantastic job on getting our taxes lowered. We should have hired you last year! Thank you so much for all your help!

Ken P.,  Inman, SC

This company has been a blessing to our family. We had thousands of dollars in penalties from the IRS that we truly believed we didn’t owe. We tried to deal with it ourselves and had absolutely no luck! We decided to get South Coast Tax Experts to help us and Jennifer has taken care of us every step of the day. I can call her day or not and she always answers or calls me back immediately. She reassures me and goes over with me what will happen next.  Jennifer has been a lifesaver. Her calm demeanor has been a constant reassurance for me when I am freaking out. She gets the job done with the IRS. She is relentless and resourceful. She fought for us and stayed in close contact with us and the IRS. She has been a blessing in every way to our family. Thank you so much!! You are the BEST!”

Carrie J., Mobile, AL

“I am writing to thank you for your hard work and positive attitude in the midst of solving our tax problem. My husband and I owed taxes for the last three years which totaled over $15,000. Because of your hard work and determination we only have to pay $300. I would ask you to convey our sincere thanks to everyone in your company who contributed in this quest to resolve what could have been years of going backward instead of forward dealing with the IRS. We definitely will refer your company to our family and friends. Thank you for a job well done.

Carol D., Pensacola, FL

I have received the awaited correspondence from the IRS in regards to the Offer in Compromise that you and your staff prepared for me. I am happy to be notified of their acceptance. It is through your determination and expert knowledge of the Revenue codes that this is finally been brought to a close. Thank you. Please find enclosed the $1,100.00 Postal Money Order, made payable to the Internal Revenue Service as acceptance of the Offer.

Kyle S., Richmond, VA

I called these people at South Coast to help me out at first I wasn’t sure if they could but after hearing my situation Robert said he would help me out.  Well working with Robert and Ryan paid off I owed $74,000 and they did an offer in compromise and settled for $454!

Billie F., Hernando, MS

We will never be able to thank you enough, South Coast Tax., for all you have done for us both professionally and personally. You took my debt of $14,500 and settled for $454, thank you so much.  Your words of encouragement and generosity have been a great help to my spirits at a time when it was really needed.

Janet B., Kiowa, KS

I can’t say how elated I am about this new start thanks to the team of South Coast Tax. They took my debt of $94,312.25 and settled it for only $1,000.00, the work your team did was amazing I would recommend you all to anyone.

Garrick C., Longmont, CO

“Before I decided to use South Coast Tax Resolutions I shopped around and did my homework. Once I read the reviews and testimonies about the services they provide and saw they have a great rating with the BBB I knew this was the place I was going to handle my tax situation with. I worked with Ryan Born and set up a payment plan that was good for me and let him do his thing. I owed the IRS $28,207 dollars and my offer in compromise was $50. When he personally called me and told me that right then I knew I had made a good decision with this company and I highly recommend using them. He was straight forward and all business with what would happen and what to expect. Great customer service and always returned my calls. If you are thinking of hiring a company to help you out this is the one.”

Joseph B., Potwin, KS

“I came to South Coast because our accountant made a huge mistake and never really had our best interested at heart. After an audit from the IRS and many sleepless nights, South Coast was able to settle a $42K liability and accepted our Offer in Compromise for $357. I can’t thank them enough. We now use Ryan and his team to take care of our taxes too! Thank you South Coast!”

Jennifer M., Thousand Oaks, CA

“When the process began, I was a bit skeptical and worried about hiring South Coast Tax Resolution to assist me in addressing my tax problems. My primary concerns were that they were a bit more expensive than their competitors and that I was also required to make payment, in advance, for their services. I had been previously defrauded by a loan modification company in 2010, so I had substantial reservations when beginning the process. Because of my personal reservations, I have decided to write this testimonial for all of those other people out there, performing their due diligence research about this company. I can tell you that South Coast Tax Resolution WILL deliver on their promises. I was in debt to the IRS, for approximately $130,000. After being represented by South Coast Tax Resolution, my tax debt was reduced to a mere $2,863 – That is 2 cents on the dollar!! You read that correctly. My tax debt was reduced by over $125k. And, I owe this all to the hard work, experience, and aggressive representation of the folks at South Coast Tax Resolution. Please note – this process is not difficult for you, but it will take some time, so be patient. My case took over 18 months to complete, but the end result is a new lease on life! Expect to be required to provide documentation, paperwork, tax returns, just like you would for a mortgage refi or home loan. And, EXPECT to produce that same paperwork 2-3 times to update it, throughout the process. The IRS – NOT the people at South Coast Tax Resolution work on increments of 90 days. So when the IRS is involved, expect a snail’s pace. Rest assured, if you jump through the “hoops” that the IRS sets before you, in this process, the outcome will most likely be very favorable. I was skeptical and South Coast Tax Resolution performed miracles for me! If you are considering a tax relief program or tax resolution company, I urge you to consider hiring South Coast Tax Resolution to represent you. I can personally vouch for their professionalism, character, and for a job well done! South Coast Tax Resolution WILL get the job done. Period.”

Oleg G., Guerneville, CA

“I called South Coast Tax because my husbands pay was being held up. My husband is a trucker and the IRS called his employer and told them to hold the money and send in as much as they hold. When I called South Coast Tax I spoke with Robert who made me feel like I called the right people. One day after I sent back the paperwork to their company Ryan Called me and said that he got ALL of the money that was being held by my husbands employer let go and we can now pay our bills and move on like normal people. Ryan has walked me through the rest of the situation and was there every step of the way!! I thank the Lord every day that he got me in touch with the folks at South Coast Tax or I do not know where we would be!!”

Jennifer T. College Station, TX

“I called this company because I owed the IRS a lot of money and had not filed my tax returns for the past few years. I was impressed from the start with the amount of knowledge the people I spoke to there seemed to have. They spent time with me discussing my problems and helping me understand what my options were and what I needed to do to get my life back on track. They helped me understand what was going on every step of the way. By the time my tax returns were finished and they negotiated a settlement with the IRS I walked away paying very little. I finally can go forward with my life starting new. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone who is having tax problems.”

Lucy D. Roseville, CA

Trust Guarantee

South Coast Tax Resolution is committed to excellence, security, and trust. We will never share your information with anyone. Your safety and security are our highest priorities. We strive to offer personable, individualized support and are here to answer your questions and help you find the assistance you need. Contact us today for a free tax debt analysis! Or call (800)787-1359